She Dreams in Colour. She is Art.

Years of drawing and painting have turned Ali Pilli into a methodical yet playful artist, who works mainly with acrylic paints. Located in Toronto, Canada Ali focuses on intentionally using colour and texture to display emotion and exhibit creativity. As an artist, Ali strives to create works that can be used to bring interior-designed spaces together. Starting off in the world of illustration and moving towards an abstract approach to creating Ali has always aimed to use colour in a minimalistic way to remind audiences that the world is full of colours that we are lucky to experience and explore.
A board member of the Ontario Art Education Association (OAEA), Ali has worked as an art educator for children aged 3 to 15 and believes that developing your creative self is a vastly important skill even past the realm of art. Ali Pilli currently is focusing on creating minimalist bodies of work that focus on exploring monochrome shades and textures or bright and playful artworks while developing methodical creative control.

2021- Inaugural Group Show at The Studios at Assembly Park, TO

2021- Portraits of Resilience (Online Group Exhibit) with the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO), TO

2017- Group Show "Black and White Ball" at Propeller Gallery, TO
2016- Group Show "Love Box" at Blank Canvas Gallery, TO
2016- Group Show "4 x 4 and a Little More" at Hashtag Gallery, TO
2016- Group Show "Salon of Inclusiveness" at Black Cat Art Space, TO
2016- Group Show "A Midsummer Night Art Show" at Parlour Salon, TO